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Waterproofing system for flat roofs, decks and more

Safe multi layered waterproofing installation that lasts.

Includes a 10 year guarantee.

Waterproofing for flat surfaces

TraffiGard is a rock solid waterproofing system for all kinds of flat surfaces, that was first developed 20 years ago.

TraffiGard is perfect if you want to reliably waterproof your flat roof, deck, parapet, balcony, passageway, podium, patio, wheelchair access, bathroom & toilets, stairs & steps, car park, garage and more.

Multiple coats are applied to achieve a waterproofing installation that lasts. It even includes a 10 year guarantee.

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Why TraffiGard?

The TraffiGard System is a proven waterproofing system that you can trust to protect your home or commercial property.

It has been used all over New Zealand in locations including the Queen Margaret College, NZ Police HQ, NZ Post Head Office and The Anglican Cathedral.

What TraffiGard does to keep your peace of mind

The Layers of TraffiGard

TraffiGard (known by some as Traffiguard) is made up of five main layers, with an optional sixth ‘Glazecoat’ layer.



This all important layer fills in the hairline cracks in your existing surface, providing a strong adhesion to the next layer.



The bodycoat is comprised of a heavy-bodied acrylic polymer gel, which in plain English means it strengthens the complete waterproofing installation.


Fiberglass Mat

This layer is made from very tough fiberglass, increasing the wear and tear resistance of your waterproofing installation.


Second Bodycoat

Another bodycoat is applied, directly onto the fiberglass mat, to further strengthen your waterproofing system.



Two topcoats are then applied in your selected colour, that adds protection against abrasions and UV, giving it a beautiful finish.


Glazecoats (optional)

Two glazecoats can also be applied to give your installation an extra special finish.

Your Colour Options

TraffiGard has a wide range of colours options to fit perfectly into your home or business.

Traffigard waterproof roofs colour options

See The Difference

Drag the line below to see a before and after shot of a TraffiGard waterproofing installation.

Before TraffiGard waterproofingAfter TraffiGard waterproofing

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